Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Welcome the family! Please watch this.

    • Onboarding Manual!

  • 2

    Strategy Nuggets

    • Who Are You Selling To?

    • How to Communicate Value and Differentiate ROI From Your Competitors

    • How to Get in the Mind of Your Prospects

    • Creating a Value Ladder (aka make more from customers)

    • Creating Your Value Ladder

    • Content Expansion Framework (Turn 1 piece of content into multiple)

    • How to Reduce Your Refund Rate

  • 3

    Masterclass Sessions

    • Being a Go Giver with Bob Burg

    • Build a Rockstar Personal Brand with Jonathan George

    • How to Hire a Virtual Assistant with Karan Nijhawan

    • Social Media for Financial Success with Charlene Lizette

    • Overcoming Money Blocks with Cheryl Keates

    • Sales Success with Chris Cowan

    • Building Successful Morning Routines with Karan Nijhawan

    • The Art of Networking with Nicole Herman

  • 4

    Personal Development Exercise Library

    • The 90 Day Letter That Can Change Your Life

  • 5

    Q&A Topics with SSC Members

    • Sales Objections - "let me talk to my wife/husband"

    • Sales Objections - "let me think about it"

    • Qualifying a Sales Process and The Right Type of Client for You

    • Content Generation Ideas (free tool)

    • Taking Pointless Meetings? Here are two questions to ask.